1. How many devices/endpoints can beam monitor?

    Beam can monitor about 40 devices/endpoints with normal internet usage. Devices that generate excessive network traffic such as IP cameras or bit torrent servers may cause a reduction in the maximum capacity of beam. All of the monitored devices must be on the same subnet.

  2. Do I have to monitor all the devices on my network or can I pick and choose which ones I want to monitor?

    You can pick and choose which devices you want to monitor or you can select the option to monitor all devices. There is also an option that allows you to automatically monitor any new devices that join your network.

  3. Can I install multiple beam devices on my network?

    Larger businesses may choose to departmentalize their network by creating different subnets for each department and install a separate beam unit for each subnet/department.

  4. Do I have to install anything on the devices I want to monitor?

    There is no client software of any kind that needs to be installed. Beam collects activity data from your network, so any device that joins your network can be monitored.

  5. Does beam capture passwords, credit card info and other personal data? 

    Beam only captures summary statistics and does not capture/save any other data including passwords, credit cards info, emails, instant messages, etc.

  6. Is any information stored in the cloud or outside of my network?

    No activity data is stored on the cloud. All activity data collected by beam is only stored on the local beam device itself.

  7. Can I use my smartphone to manage and view internet activity?

    There is a beam app for both iOS and Android devices. By default these apps will only allow you access your activity data when you are on your local network. There is an option in settings that allows you to enable remote access so that you can use your beam app from anywhere.

  8. Will beam be compatible with my hardware?

    Beam is compatible with over 90% of internet routers including SonicWall, Cisco, D-Link and Netgear. Some routers may require minor setting adjustments, see your MSP for details.

  9. Can I monitor cell phones and tablets or only computers and laptops?

    Beam can monitor any device on your Ethernet or WiFi network.

  10. How often do I get email activity reports?

    Email reports are sent once a day in the early hours of each morning, and includes the full previous day’s activities.

  11. Can the email report be sent to multiple people?

    You can enter up to 5 recipients to receive the daily email activity report.

  12. Can I set up alerts so that I know when someone is misusing the company internet?

    There is a very flexible custom alert system that allows you to create app and email alerts for many situations. For example: Send an email and app alert when Bob’s laptop spends more than 1 hour on social media in a day.

  13. Does beam notify me when an unauthorized user is using my internet or wifi?

    There is a setting to notify you when a new device joins your network. You can also choose to automatically monitor new devices.

  14. Can I block or filter access to websites with beam?

    You can block all internet access by device/endpoint. We are in the process of developing a way to allow administrators to only block specific types on internet access that they choose.

  15. How much does beam cost?

    Please contact your authorized Managed Service Provider for details.

  16. How can I buy beam?

    Please contact a beam Authorized Managed Service provider for details or contact beam to be referred to one.